News: Vald. Birn – Partnership with renowned foundry

One of Europe's largest foundry groups has chosen ReFlow as decarbonization partner

ReFlow has been chosen by the foundry group Vald. Birn to assist the green transition of more than six European subsidiaries

An ambitious partnership

“We are very excited that a renowned company like BIRN group has chosen us to assist them with their green transition. We see a large potential in our important work with the group as we have set some very ambitious goals that will make the organization data-driven in its climate efforts” says our CEO Rasmus Elsborg Jensen.

“We will combine our expertise within environmental engineering with our powerful climate data management platform, which enables complex companies to get insights into their products and processes but to also live up to future consumer demand for LCA (lifecycle assessment) based data on their products”  he continues.

The next step in BIRN's sustainable future

“Even though we reuse 96% of all materials used for our foundry iron, we at BIRN want to take further responsibility for the surrounding community, and our customers have the same desire. Therefore, sustainability has gradually developed into customer demand, and we must continue to document and optimize our effort ” says CTO at BIRN,  Lars Jørgensen and continues:

“That is why we are happy to announce our partnership with ReFlow, which will help us document a more sustainable future for our group”