News: EU Climate Pact Reappoints ReFlow’s CEO for Second Term

In a recent announcement, Rasmus Elsborg Jensen, the CEO of ReFlow, has been selected to serve as an EU Climate Pact Ambassador for a second term. Reflecting his unparalleled commitment to environmental sustainability, this decision reflects both the success of his previous tenure and the expectations for continued leadership in this pivotal role.

The European Climate Pact 

The European Climate Pact is a collaborative initiative seeking to engage citizens and communities in actions designed to tackle climate change and build a greener, more sustainable Europe. Embracing life cycle assessment, a method that evaluates the environmental impacts associated with all stages of a product’s life, Jensen will guide companies in their sustainable transformation.

“I have once again been entrusted with serving as an EU Climate Pact Ambassador for a second term,” says Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen. “This role aligns seamlessly with our mission at ReFlow – environmental performance made easy – helping companies become data-driven in their climate change efforts.”

By embracing a data-driven approach, ReFlow has made it easier for companies to measure, manage, and mitigate their carbon footprint, aligning seamlessly with the core principles of the European Climate Pact.

Navigating the #FITfor55 initiative

Under his leadership, ReFlow has become synonymous with practices that champion data-driven methodologies and innovative life cycle assessments. It’s this kind of ethos that the EU Climate Pact values and seeks in its ambassadors.

In his new term, Jensen plans to concentrate his efforts on the #FITfor55 initiative. It aims to guide corporations to align with the EU’s ambitious climate goals, reinforcing the connection between his ambassadorial role and the mission at ReFlow.

“As I often say, ‘Being a Climate Pact ambassador and the work we do at ReFlow is a no-brainer and comes naturally’,” he said, illustrating the shared purpose that brings his corporate and ambassadorial roles together.

Jensen’s renewed term as the EU Climate Pact Ambassador holds promising prospects for the integration of data-driven strategies into broader decarbonization efforts. His deep expertise and consistent dedication to promoting sustainable practices and life cycle assessment approaches are set to contribute significantly to the EU’s sustainability objectives.

ReFlow’s CEO has reiterated the importance of collective action towards a sustainable future. “I am grateful for this opportunity and eager to work toward a more sustainable future. Remember, no matter how small, every action can contribute to a larger global change.”

Continuing his roles at both ReFlow and EU Climate Pact, we can definitely look forward to smart, data-powered strategies and thorough life cycle assessments. They’re set to guide several industries within and outside the EU on their decarbonization journeys. 

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