Insights from Danske Maritime’s ESG Taskforce on CSRD and Scope 3 Emissions

Insights from Danske Maritime's ESG Taskforce on CSRD and Scope 3 Emissions

Insights from Danske Maritime's ESG Taskforce on CSRD and Scope 3 Emissions

Terms like CSRD and Scope 3 emissions are new for many maritime producers, shipyards, and service companies – that was why it started as our first topic at the newly established ESG taskforce at Danske Maritime (Danish Maritime).

Together with Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen 🌱, we dived into discussions about CSRD and its future implications for sustainability practices, focusing on the environmental aspect of ESG. Sharing each other’s insights and concerns created an engaging dialogue highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with this new regulatory framework.

The meeting provided a collaborative space for participants to exchange insights on CSRD and its impact across various sectors, showing the challenges in accurately reporting Scope 3 emissions throughout the supply chain. It was a great opportunity to engage with peers and reinforce our commitment to driving data-based climate reporting in the maritime and heavy manufacturing sectors.

What can you do?

🔵Leverage Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) for your important emission areas: Begin with a generic spend-based model and then select areas using the activity-based method like LCA to understand the full environmental impact of your products.

🔵Incorporate Software Solutions: Utilize software tools for environmental reporting and LCA calculations. These tools can simplify data collection, management, and analysis, making Scope 3 reporting more manageable and reliable.

🔵Foster Supplier Collaboration: Work closely with your major suppliers to ensure data transparency and accuracy. Engaging them in your sustainability journey is key to achieving a holistic view of your Scope 3 emissions. Agree on a calculation and reporting approach.

Thanks to the participants for the good questions, especially Lars V. Mathiasen from TORM and Lars Holm from Emerson for sharing their work and approach.