Taking the Hassle Out of CSRD & Scope 3 Emissions

Taking the Hassle Out of CSRD & Scope 3 Emissions

Taking the Hassle Out of CSRD & Scope 3 Emissions

While the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) sets new benchmarks, understanding it doesn’t have to be difficult. It calls for more extensive reporting on climate matters, particularly regarding Scope 3 emissions – those emissions that are part of your supply chain but not directly from your activities. Let’s demystify CSRD and Scope 3 emissions together.

As mandatory climate reporting emerges, organizations face increasing pressure. This pressure comes from investors assessing risks using ESG criteria, regulators demanding environmental and social reporting under CSRD from 2024, and suppliers advocating for sustainable sourcing and Scope 3 emissions collaboration.

Scope 3 emissions, often the largest part of a company’s carbon footprint, can be complex to measure. But here at ReFlow, we see this challenge as an opportunity for your business.

ReFlow’s Services Offer:

  • Detailed Scope 3 Emissions Analysis: We use innovative technology to dig deep into your supply chain, providing a detailed view of your indirect emissions.
  • Tailored CSRD Reporting Solutions: Our expert team ensures that your environmental reporting aligns with CSRD requirements, increasing stakeholder transparency and trust.
  • Strategic Insights: Our data-driven insights help you make informed decisions to reduce your environmental impact effectively.

Empower Decision-Making with Data

  • With ReFlow, your journey toward climate responsibility is guided by data. We provide the information necessary to make strategic decisions, decrease environmental effects, and confidently share your progress with stakeholders.