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Did you know that ReFlow is becoming one of the leading

life cycle assessment consultancies?

We make decarbonizing and reducing your product's

emissions easy and accessible.

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Stay ahead of the competition by using science-based environmental data

Assess the climate impact of your products

Product Life Cycle Assessments (LCA):

We specialize in product LCAs and our strength lies here. We have two main offerings on a product LCA level:

    Our consultancy consists of Environmental Engineers with extensive experience and specialization within the area of LCA.
Our platform is ISO 14040/44 based, and lets you easily perform LCAs yourself - no engineering experience required!

Hot spot analysis:

We provide high-level assessments focusing on the main contributors to climate gas emissions. This can be used as a starting point for further analysis, or to indicate where early reductions can be made.

Third party assurance:

Our consultancy team of Environmental Engineers perform third party assurance on LCAs as well as EPDs

Comparative assessments:

Make informed decisions by comparing the results of your product LCAs with our consultancy services and platform.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs):

We offer Environmental Product Declarations as part of our consultancy services.

Life Cycle Assessment is the method of quantifying the environmental impact of a product or a process in its entire life cycle. The method is defined by the ISO standards 14040 & 14044.



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Use the data from your Life Cycle Assessment to show your contribution

Gain competitive advantage by calculating your actual emissions

Communicate your efforts by including LCA data in

sustainability and annual reports

toward a greener economy

Make products fit for

a circular economy

Use your results to take action towards a circular economy

Life cycle assessments provides with an overview of your

Environmental tool to document your journey towards

Scope 1, 2 & 3

the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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Make it easy to


Annual Report
Climate Accounting
ESG Reporting
Science Based Targets initiative
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Our engineers can advise you for

different types of reporting

How we work with Life Cycle Assessment data

Data gathering using templates:

Typically, data is gathered using templates. Collecting automated data can be done through source systems. The availability of data, the amount of time available for data collection, the significance of the data point, and the scope of the LCA all influence the level of detail (i.e., "black box" vs. individual process steps).

Data sources:

Bills of materials/recipes, PLM software, power bills, meter readings, procurement records, waste inventories, emissions permit reports, equipment specifications, and measurements taken along production lines are all examples of primary data sources.

Secondary data sources:

LCA databases, technical literature, journal articles, conference presentations, patents, and other sources are examples of secondary data sources.

Completeness and accuracy:

The completeness and accuracy of all obtained data have to be ensured, for example by assessments of mass balance, emission profile, energy intensity, water balance, and similar.


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What our customers say

How long does a Life Cycle Assessment take and what does it cost?

An LCA performed by a consultancy usually takes three months – depending on the goal and scope of the project.

Which product(s) do you wish to assess? How many suppliers do you have? How much input is there in your product (materials, energy use, transportation, disposed materials)?


These are the main things that affect the length and price of an LCA.


The cost depends on the goal and scope of the project, as explained above. With this knowledge, we can estimate the amount of hours and set a deadline for the LCA project.


Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you scope an offer. 

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What does an LCA report look like?

We base our Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on a scientific approach.

An LCA by ReFlow is based on ISO standards 14040 & 14044, which are internationally accepted standards for how LCAs are made.
Additionally, our impact assessments are based on ReCiPe 2016 v1.1 Hierarchist midpoint methodology.

Download an example here

What is Scope 3 and how does an LCA help to understand it?

According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol most organizations today look at emissions from value chains as scope 1, 2 & 3.

Very briefly:

  • Scope 1 is your own direct emissions
  • Scope 2 is the energy used to keep the lights on in your offices or used to produce your products
  • Scope 3 is indirect emissions, meaning the emissions that went into producing the materials you use for your products

Most companies today are not accounting for their scope 3. Using an LCA not only helps get a concrete number on your emissions but also gives you an overview of your value chain’s environmental impact.

Performing an LCA gets you ahead of the curve!

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Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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