ClimateHub introduces holistic, company-wide carbon footprint assessments. Our scientifically robust and user-friendly platform facilitates efficient evaluation and reporting of carbon impact, enhancing transparency across entire companies.

Optimize Your Carbon Reduction Strategy

Experience effortless integration with seamless multi-metric data collection, tailored to both company and product emissions. Embrace an adaptive and future-ready approach, ensuring your carbon management is always a step ahead.

ClimateHub Features: A Closer Look​

Explore ClimateHub's platform, designed for efficient and effective carbon management of your company. It delivers tools for detailed emissions analysis, helping businesses to understand and manage their carbon footprint with precision. With the ability to track emissions across multiple locations and companies, our platform supports informed decision-making for climate responsible business practices.

  • Yearly Emission Tracking:​

    Track and compare emissions annually to evaluate progress and implement changes effectively.

  • Overview of Multiple Locations and Companies:

    Consolidate and analyze emissions data from various sites and associated companies for an easy understanding.

  • Scientifically Updated Databases:

    Utilize databases regularly updated with the latest scientific research for accurate and current emissions data.

  • Emission Hotspot Detection:

    Identify and focus on areas with the highest emissions to strategize targeted reduction efforts.

Introducing ClimateHub

Leading the way in the development of innovative climate management solutions, and dedicated to assessing company carbon footprints and optimizing product lifecycles, Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, the founder and CEO, plays a vital role in shaping responsible climate business practices.

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  • Systematically organize and collect data on your company's emission-related activities throughout the year.

  • Three Steps to Success: Set up your company profile, collect diverse information, and receive easily understandable results.

  • Receive your results in two formats: as a concise summary and as a report.

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What is the corporate carbon calculation platform?

Our platform provides an easy and quick tool to calculate corporate carbon footprints, compliant with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14040. It eliminates the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets and various intermediaries in the process.

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How does the carbon footprint calculation work on the platform?

The platform allows you to calculate the carbon footprint of a company, group, process, or product in a hierarchical manner across various locations or countries. The process is activity-based, which we believe is the most accurate and fair in terms of climate impact.

Can I manage more than one company on the platform?

Yes, the platform is structured to support managing multiple users, enabling companies, their subsidiaries, and branches to efficiently collaborate and monitor their environmental metrics. This feature ensures seamless integration and coordination across various organizational levels and geographical locations.

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How can I trust the results provided by the platform?

The platform is expertly designed to comply with prominent international standards, including the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 14064. This ensures that it offers robust and accurate climate reporting and analysis, aligning with globally recognized benchmarks in carbon footprint assessment.

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Do I need specialized knowledge to use the platform?

No, the platform is thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, catering to users regardless of their expertise in carbon calculation. Its interface simplifies complex processes, making it accessible for individuals without specialized knowledge, ensuring a smooth user experience for everyone.

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Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of companies and products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic company and product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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