How can you help my company reach net-zero?

-You bet, it’s what we do best. By calculating your products emissions throughout the

entire value chain utilizing our platform, you get an overview of which stages in your products lifecycle have the greatest impact. With a life cycle assessment (LCA) you can save time, energy, and company resources, and direct your efforts to the areas that matter most.


Are you spend-based or activity-based?

-We’re activity-based all the way. We’re currently one of the only activity based emissions calculators on the market. This is because we value things like supplier specific data with physical units, representative and detailed facts, and product level emissions factors as recommended by the European Union.

Is my confidential product data safe with you?

-Your data is safe with us. We ensure your company data and product data are kept

private and only accessible to you and those you’ve intentionally shared it with via coded access.

Can you ensure calculations are accurate?

-We partner with Ecoinvent to provide the most accurate sourcing of data possible for

calculating your product’s emissions. If you’re ever uncertain we also provide specialist help from our team of engineers to guarantee your calculations are correct and accurate.

Do you provide verification for my green or sustainable products?

-Yes, after a calculation, documentation of the assessment is provided which is easily shareable to suppliers and stakeholders alike without giving vital company or product information away.

What value do you provide to my company or product?

-We provide the tools essential in preventing greenwashing accusations and allow

support for your green or sustainable product claims. Through the use of our digital platform you can gain an advantage over competitors by offering products whose emissions have been evaluated through our platform.

How do you make data actionable?

-Easy, we provide hotspot analysis so you can see your weak points and where

emissions from your products are greatest. This allows you to better know where emissions have the highest potential for reduction and empowers you to take action against them.

What standards do you apply when accounting for corporate sustainability?

-We align ourselves with the EU Climate Law, EU Taxonomy, and Sustainable

Development Goals. We’re also ISO compliant and have even begun pushing for more sustainable standards throughout the maritime industry.

Where do I start in collecting my carbon footprint data?

-Starting with your scope 1 & 2 is a good place to start, however targeting the underlying

scope 3 emissions that result from activities throughout your value chain are a hot topic right now–and for good reason. Factoring scope 3 accounting into your entire carbon footprint is essential in reducing your emissions and often holds an alarming amount of your entire emissions scope.

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Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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