Our Office

We are located close to Copenhagen, close to public transportation and the metro. We are part of an office community together with the naval architects OSK Shiptech A/S, with a vibrant and innovative atmosphere.

Work Made Fun

We value a relaxed and cozy office atmosphere. We believe that work should be fun, and therefore our office is packed with games, virtual reality setup, and snacks.

We’re a Zebra

Zebra is a business model  that is both black and white: we are both profitable and improve society, and we won’t sacrifice one for the other. Our purpose is sustainable prosperity and we value cooperation and participation, rather than competition.

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen

CEO & Founder

I have spent 17 year in the maritime industry with part of that time working in the United States. I’ve also served in the military, the scouts, and even worked in a cheese shop before! I enjoy spending time with my son and our puppy Herluf. I hold a masters degree in Business Administration from Middlesex University and an executive certificate in Sustainable Business Strategies from Harvard University.

Patrick Nørregaard

COO – Lead Environmental Engineer

I am a self proclaimed space geek and I truly enjoy watching all the shuttle launches but also Disney movies and musicals too. On the other hand you can always catch me listening to some heavy metal or working on my motorcycle– my spectrum of interests has no limits! I hold a specialized degree in Environmental Technology and Environmental Management from DTU.

Thameur Saadi

CTO – Lead Developer

Originally from Tunisia, I moved to Denmark to continue my love for programming and doing good for nature. I really love playing FIFA online, and basketball on the courts. I cook and bake a lot so good food is a guarantee when you're with me! I hold a masters in Computer Software Engineering and I’ve won programming competitions.

Andreas Rykkje Grønningsæter

Customer Success & Digital Marketing Manager

Halla! Norwegian at heart - yet not a typical Norwegian. I come from a cold country, but I have a warm passion for the environment! I play drums and sing in my spare time and nerd with video games. I love speaking with customers and equally to analyze marketing data! I have a background from languages and business, as well as the SaaS industry.

Denisse Kuri

Project Manager – Environmental Engineer

Hola! Originally from Mexico, I moved to Denmark to do my masters in Environmental Engineering. I’m known as the office DJ but it's not only salsa and bachata that I play– but it definitely got a spot on the playlist! I’m a taco and tequila lover at heart, but hey, some might say it's in my blood!

Tracy Zhang

Environmental Scientist

Nihao! I’m from China. I have a PhD degree specialized in LCA and multi-year experience in dumpling making. In my free time you can find me cooking, painting, and enjoying some photography–sometimes with a podcast going in my ear! But don’t worry I’m not just a one of a kind creative engineer, I stay active with my bike whenever I can!

Dimitrios Lergios

Environmental Engineer

I’m the Greek addition! When I’m not sitting in front of my books and screens you can catch me training or cycling! In my spare time I like traveling to new places and taking shots at perfecting my photography skills or volunteering for nonprofits. I hold a masters in Environmental Engineering with a focus on Water Resources Engineering.

Merle Lund

UI/UX Designer

At my corner of the office you can find me creating things that people can use and interact with. I love this about what I do! You could say being creative is who I am–In a past life I was a hairdresser! I hold a degree from the IT-university in digital design and interactive technologies. In my free time I really enjoy spending time with friends and playing any kind of sport.

Hamza Arfaoui

Front-End Developer

Salam! I’m Hamza Tunisian web developer so as an IT developer, I want first to professionally dedicate myself to the technologies that I love and in my free time, I really like to play FPS video games.

Rostom Nouisser

Full-Stack Developer

I am Tunisian and I love programming. I really like what I am doing. I feel like making the world a better place with the Reflowers , I really like the beach and swimming and also Handball. I used to be a player.

Salim Saadi

Software Engineer

This is me, Salim! or as the team calls me "the man in the box". I'm a Tunisian Software engineer, in love with Problem solving and Web development. Checkmate!! I also have crazy Chess skills.. defeat me if you can.

Ana Margarida Sousa Torres

Business Analyst

Unlike the Mexican margarita cocktail, I’m from Portugal and my name is with a ‘D’! I spend the majority of my time as a student pursuing my Masters degree in International Business with a focus on the circular economy at CBS but otherwise you can find me doing anything and everything active– I love crossfit! I also enjoy exploring Copenhagen culture and all the city has to offer!

Valentina Rossi

Environmental Analyst

Ciao! I’m Valentina, roots in Italy, branches in Denmark and leaves a bit around. I’m doing my master in Environmental Engineering with a focus on life cycle assessment and waste management. I somehow can always find space for a new plant in my room and one more slice of cheese on my plate. Things I can't say no to a last minute concert, a good volleyball game and the latest Wes Anderson movie.

Our Partners

Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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