News: ReFlow to Build Innovative LCA Model for Wind-Support Vessel

In a significant advancement for the maritime industry focusing on lifecycle assessment, ReFlow, a leader in vessel LCA, has entered into a crucial agreement with GC Rieber Shipping, the prestigious Norwegian shipping company. This partnership aims to create a pioneering Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model for the Windkeeper, GC Rieber Shipping’s innovative vessel. By emphasizing the importance of lifecycle assessment (LCA), this groundbreaking collaboration not only highlights the role of LCA in fostering sustainability within the maritime industry but also sets a fresh benchmark in lifecycle assessment practices for shipping. With a commitment to transparency and traceability, ReFlow’s approach to lifecycle assessment continues to shape the future of maritime LCA, positioning itself at the forefront of sustainability and environmental engineering.

Stepping towards sustainable seafaring with LCA

The deployment of the LCA model signifies a notable advancement towards sustainable shipping practices, offering GC Rieber Shipping crucial climate data and insights across the vessel’s entire life cycle. By leveraging the LCA model, the company aims to:

· Monitor and control vessel-level emissions meticulously.

· Improve operational efficiency by pinpointing emission hotspots and optimization areas

· Comply with ever-changing environmental regulations, including the EU CSRD directive

· Augment transparency in disclosing their environmental footprint, aligning with their sustainability commitments and global climate pledges

This marks a significant milestone as it’s the first instance of an LCA model being implemented for this category of vessels. It highlights GC Rieber Shipping’s pioneering role in endorsing sustainability within the maritime sector, particularly in the burgeoning domain of offshore wind support vessels.

The Windkeeper: A symbol of commitment to sustainability

The Windkeeper is a vessel built specifically to support offshore wind farms. It’s a perfect example of GC Rieber Shipping’s dedication to sustainability. ReFlow’s cutting-edge LCA methodologies will accelerate the company’s transition to net-zero emissions by delivering comprehensive LCA-based climate data. This involves providing a complete set of climate data based on the life cycle of the vessel. Their partnership is not just unique; it aims to set a new standard in the maritime industry. They hope it will inspire other shipowners to undertake similar efforts for sustainability.

A partnership to shape the future of maritime sustainability

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, CEO of ReFlow, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Our unique partnership with GC Rieber Shipping allows us to delve deeper into the life cycle emissions of the Windkeeper. Our mission is not only to achieve compliance but to equip GC Rieber with actionable climate data that will bolster vessel performance, optimize operational efficiency, and ultimately contribute to global sustainability goals. This LCA model holds the potential to revolutionize the environmental management of windmill support vessels in the maritime industry.”

Emphasizing the importance of the partnership, GC Rieber Shipping’s CTO, Gjert Florvåg, said, “One of the key design criteria for Windkeeper is environmental performance. This collaboration with ReFlow enables us to document the impacts of our pioneering approach. The LCA model will not only enhance our understanding of the vessel’s environmental footprint but will also provide a systematic framework for assessing the impact of future technologies and innovations. This initiative represents a crucial step towards a sustainable maritime future.”

This revolutionary partnership between ReFlow and GC Rieber Shipping showcases their joint goal: to boost sustainability in the maritime sector. It also highlights how crucial Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and climate data are in reaching this objective.

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