Assessing environmental performance has never been easier with ReFlow.

With our expertise and platform, we have been assisting companies of varying

sizes and industries for years on their sustainability journey.

Here are the stories of how we did it.


Assessing environmental performance

has never been easier with ReFlow.

With our expertise and platform,

sizes and industries for years on their

sustainability journey.

we have been assisting companies of varying

Here are the stories of how we did it.


Viking Life-Saving A/S

Working towards neutral carbon footprint products

Viking is a Danish company providing life saving equipment for the maritime and offshore industry.

Through our collaboration, we helped Viking by providing baselines to meet their predefined targets for Co2 emissions

With the help of our product, we could create a digitalised data-centric plan of action to aid Viking’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

Scandlines A/S

Enabling greener ferries

Scandlines is an established provider of ferry transportation services, with several routes between Denmark and Germany and over 3.6 million passengers a year.

They currently have the largest fleet of hybrid ferries in the world, and even bigger green ambitions for the future.

ReFlow is playing a key part of Scandlines’ sustainability journey. By using our Life Cycle Assessment tool they can calculate the environmental impact of the ferries from construction to end-of life. Something that’s never been done before in the maritime industry. The data will be used to create digital models of their new zero-emission ferries, with which they can simulate and test their new green technology.

OSK-Shiptech A/S

Enabling green vessel design

OSK Shiptech is one of the premier naval architects within the ferry and cruise segment. We are assisting OSK in their efforts to design greener vessels through a data-driven approach using our lifecycle-based digital platform.


By providing a complete overview of the life cycle emissions, we make it possible for OSK Shiptech to compare the climate performance of their designs, products and solutions – making it easy to design greener vessels.

Karsten Moholt AS

Repair and Remanufacturing for a greener tomorrow

Karsten Moholt AS delivers life-time extension of rotating equipment in multiple sectors. The life-time extension is done using circular principles like repair, remanufacturing and reconditioning. The service of the equipment using circular activities are documented using the ReFlow platform.

The platform documents the environmental saving life-time extension often brings when compared to producing new equipment. The documentation is easily produced, scientifically based and can be shared with their customers.

How can we help you improve and document your environmental performance?

With our team of experienced Environmental Engineers, the road towards understanding your carbon footprint just got easier. Our consultancy performs Life Cycle Assessments on your products and can help you in training as well as reporting. We also offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

Our very own digital platform makes product Life Cycle Assessments easier, something that can be timeconsuming and even more challenging – without engineering experience needed!
Software Engineers work continuously with our Environmental Engineers to improve our platform.

ReFlow also offers assurance – or 3rd party validations – of your calculations. This will increase your credibility.
Validated calculations can be used for internal and external communication, such as Sustainability and Annual reporting, and Marketing and Sales materials.

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How long does a Life Cycle Assessment take and what does it cost?

An LCA performed by a consultancy usually takes three months – depending on the goal and scope of the project.

Which product(s) do you wish to assess? How many suppliers do you have? How much input is there in your product (materials, energy use, transportation, disposed materials)?


These are the main things that affect the length and price of an LCA.


The cost depends on the goal and scope of the project, as explained above. With this knowledge, we can estimate the amount of hours and set a deadline for the LCA project.


Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you scope an offer. 

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What does an LCA report look like?

We base our Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on a scientific approach.

An LCA by ReFlow is based on ISO standards 14040 & 14044, which are internationally accepted standards for how LCAs are made.
Additionally, our impact assessments are based on ReCiPe 2016 v1.1 Hierarchist midpoint methodology.

Download an example here

What is Scope 3 and how does an LCA help to understand it?

According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol most organizations today look at emissions from value chains as scope 1, 2 & 3.

Very briefly:

  • Scope 1 is your own direct emissions
  • Scope 2 is the energy used to keep the lights on in your offices or used to produce your products
  • Scope 3 is indirect emissions, meaning the emissions that went into producing the materials you use for your products

Most companies today are not accounting for their scope 3. Using an LCA not only helps get a concrete number on your emissions but also gives you an overview of your value chain’s environmental impact.

Performing an LCA gets you ahead of the curve!

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Our lifecycle-based environmental quantification system makes it easy to calculate, document, and share environmental performance data of products. We remove the complexity around LCA-based calculations and make it possible for users with just basic product knowledge to make advanced calculations.

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